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For whom?

These crochet patterns are suitable for:


All patterns are written in English and use US crochet terms.


Do you have more WIPs than you can count on two hands?

Join the #FrogOrFinish challenge!

Make a list of all your current WIPs and challenge yourself to either finish it or frog it before the end of 2018.

See my list here.

lovebug insect caterpillar crochet pattern
pokemon squirtle crochet pattern
coconut the cat crochet pattern
pokemon pikachu crochet pattern
derpie birthday cake crochet pattern

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Who am I?

Hello! My name is Natascha, I'm from The Netherlands. My passion is crochet and I especially love to design cute creatures and make these design into patterns.

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#FrogOrFinish Challenge

Either frog or finish your WIPs (work in progress) before the end of 2018.

1. Make a list of all the current WIPs (yes, even the ones hidden in the back of your yarn stash).
2. Frog the projects you have lost the love for and re-use the yarn.
3. Finish the projects you would love to see finished.

My WIP list





Scarf for the BF







[none yet]


LoveKnitting started the #frogorfinish challenge way back in 2016. Read more about it on her blog from then.

And after I saw @littleloveni her post about the #finishorfrogchallenge I started right away making my own list.